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Philips MP90 Intellivue Monitor


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Philips MP90 M8010A Intellivue CPU Monitor Refurbished. MP90 Comes with Two Main boards and displays real time data, alarms in case of patient or equipment problems, offers limited data storage and retrieval (trending), interfaces to the Philips Clinical Network. Philips M8010A CPU Connects to the standalone M8031A 15″ or the M8033A 17″ color LCD display with touchscreen; however this CPU M8010A can also be used with other XGA and SXGA standalone displays. This Monitor uses Philips Speed Point as primary input device such as mice, trackball, and keyboard can be added optionally. Philips MP90 supports the Flexible Module Rack (FMS) M8048A, MMS M3001A and Extension MMS Such as M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3015B and M3016A. Here is a list of Interface (I/O) boards which may come with MP90 depending on configuration: MSL, Video (analog), Clinical Network (LAN wired or wireless) and Basic Alarm Relay (Nurse Call) whereas I/O boards that may come in the MP90 are:
a- PS/2
b- MIB/RS232
c- USB
d- Flexible Nurse Call
e- Parallel printer
f- Remote devices (Remote Alarm Device, Remote Extension Device)
g- IntelliVue 802.11 Bedside Adapter
OEM Part Numbers:
MP90, M8010A  

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