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Philips M3001A Module Option A03C12


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Philips M3001A MMS Module Refurbished Option A03C12. This Module comes with Masimo SPO2, 12 ECG Leads and NIBP. M3001A is used with Philips Intellivue System MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP80 and MP90. Philips M3001A connects to Philips MX Series such as MX800, MX700, MX600, MX550, MX500, MX450, MX430, MX400, XG50 Monitors. This Module Comes with Different Software and different Hardware options. Philips M3001A Modules with Serial Number DE6 and Higher Have a new Hardware where M3001A with DE6 and Lower has an older Hardware. See below Software Compatibility Chart for this M3001A Modules and Philips Intellivue MP Series Monitors. For M3001A Module Parts, Click Here.
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