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Philips M1034A BIS Module


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Philips M1034A BIS Module Refurbished. Philips M1034A BIS Module is used to Measure the Bispectral Index. The BIS System consist of Digital Signal Converter (DSC), BIS Engine and BIS Module. To Test the Unit, connect the Bis Sensor Simulator while the monitor in Monitoring Mode; then Enter the Bis Menu and Select Show SENSOR. Start Impedance check after you press Start Cyclic Check. The results show be as follows:
Electrode 1 (+): 4-6 kOhms
Electrode 2 (ref): 8-17 kOhms
Electrode 3 (1-): 2-4 kOhms
Electrode 4 (2-): 3-5 kOhms
Other OEM Part Numbers:
M1034-60201, 453563461411
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