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Philips MP70 Intellivue Monitor


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Philips MP70 M8007A Intellivue Monitor Refurbished. The MP70 monitor uses a 15” TFT XGA Color display and Touch Screen. Philips M8007A uses the Philips Speed Point as primary input device; computer devices such as mice, trackball, and keyboard can be added optionally, The MP70 Comes with Optional 2 Slots Module Rack and it has an Optional Recorder. Philips MP70 Support the Flexible Module Server, MMS and MMS Extensions. The FMS has a Model Number M8048A, and the MMS is M3001A; where as the MMS Extensions are M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3015B, M3016A Modules. In order for the M3001A and the MP70 to work together they must has compatible software.
Other OEM Part Numbers:
MP70, M8007A

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