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Philips MP50 Intellivue Monitor


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Philips MP50 M8004A Intellivue Monitor Refurbished. MP50 Monitor uses a 12.1” TFT SVGA color display With Touch Screen. Philips M8004A is designed to match all the needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia and Peri-operative care; and cardiac care environments. The MP50 uses the Philips Navigation Point as primary input device, and it has an Optional 4-Slot Module Rack. MP50 Monitors Supports MMS and MMS Extensions, such as M3001A, M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3016A, M3015B. M8004A Monitor and M3001A come with Different software and they have to be compatible in order to work together.
OEM Part Number:
M8004A, MP50

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