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Philips Intellivue XG50 Bedside Monitor


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Philips Intellivue 866063 XG50 SPOT Check Bedside Monitor Refurbished. The 866063 spot check patient monitor 12″ TOUCH can extend your spot-check monitoring capabilities to include 12-lead ECG or etCO2 monitoring. This Monitor is Similar to MP5SC Monitor, but XG50 Connects to MMS such as M3001A, M3001AL and Extension Modules such as 867040 Intellivue Capnography, 867041 Intellivue Microstream CO2, M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3015B AND 865244 Remote. XG50 866063 comes with a large, high-resolution touch-screen display provides convenient access to the EMR and other clinical information systems. This monitor has same Dimensions as Philips MX430, MX450. Here are the password for this Bedside patient monitor:
Monitoring Mode: No password required
Configuration Mode: 71034
Demo Mode: 14432
Service Mode: 1345
Other OEM Part Numbers:
XG50, 866063

• MX400 uses a 9″ TFT WVGA Color display
• MX430, MX450, MX500, XG50 uses a 12″ TFT WXGA Color display
• MX550 uses a 15″ TFT WXGA Color Display
• MX400, MX430, MX450, XG50 has an optional built-in recorder
• MX500, MX550 has an integrated 3-slot rack

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