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Philips Intellivue MX700 Bedside Monitor


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Philips Intellivue Philips MX700 865304 Bedside Monitor Refurbished. The IntelliVue MX700 Model Number 865304 Monitor uses a 15″ TFT WSXGA+ Color display. The MX700 uses the trim knob as primary input device. The MX700 uses the touch screen as primary input device; a remote control and computer devices such as mice, trackball, and keyboard can be added optionally. Philips 865304 Monitor supports the Flexible Module Rack FMS M8048A Only Support 4 MODULES Plus Recorder Module. It supports 865243 4-Slot Flexible Module RACK FMS-4, M3001A, M3001AL, M3002A (X2), and X3 867039 Module. MX700 supports MMS Extensions Module such as M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3015B, 867041, 867040, 865244 Remote Control and 866406 Remote Alarm Device. Here are the password for this Bedside patient monitor:
Monitoring Mode: No password required
Configuration Mode: 71034
Demo Mode: 14432
Service Mode: 1345
Other OEM Part Numbers:
MX700, 865304

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