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Philips Intellivue MX400 Bedside Monitor


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Philips Intellivue 866060 MX400 Portal Bedside Monitor Refurbished. The MX400 Model Number 866060 comes with 9″-wide touch Screen. It supports the Philips Multi Measurement Module (MMS) M3001A, M3001AL, IntelliVue X2 module, and Measurement Server Extensions 867040 Intellivue Capnography, 867041 Intellivue Microstream CO2, M3012A, M3014A, M3015A, M3015B. This Portal Monitor has a display with built in ambient light sensor, automatically adjusts screen brightness to maintain readability in nearly any lighting environment. Here are the password for this Bedside patient monitor:
Monitoring Mode: No password required
Configuration Mode: 71034
Demo Mode: 14432
Service Mode: 1345
Other OEM Part Numbers:
866060, MX400

• MX400 uses a 9″ TFT WVGA Color display
• MX430, MX450, MX500, XG50 uses a 12″ TFT WXGA Color display
• MX550 uses a 15″ TFT WXGA Color Display
• MX400, MX430, MX450, XG50 has an optional built-in recorder
• MX500, MX550 has an integrated 3-slot rack

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