Ali Youssef, CEO, Wins SBA Achievement Award

The Small Business Association, also known as the “SBA” is an agency that has been responsible for the livelihood of small businesses and entrepreneur ventures since 1953. The goal of the SBA is to reinforce the Nation’s economy by providing capital as well as analysis to up and coming businesses around the United States. For more than 50 years the SBA has also recognized annually the excellence of those businesses who have surpassed the meaning of excellence and accomplishment.

This year one of the nominees for this special achievement award went to Ali Youssef, owner and founder of USOC Medical. USOC Medical has quickly become a leader in its field of Biomedical Engineering. With what started many years ago as a way to help Biomedical Technicians working in hospitals and Medical Facilities to facilitate the repairs of their patient monitoring equipment, has now become a lucrative and highly sought industry which has become an integral partner in the Medical field and of Medical Equipment Repair in general. Biomedical Repair facilities, such as USOC Medical, handle the over flow of repairs of patient monitoring devices from hospitals and Medical Facilities that may lack the man power or are simply looking for a more cost effective and time saving means for the repair of downed medical equipment that may otherwise have to be sent to its original manufacturer for repairs and even replacement. USOC Medical has quickly become the go to establishment for the repairs of many OEM’s such as Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, and Spacelabs.

When USOC opened its doors in 2011, Ali Youssef had already endured many sleepless nights full of research and development which lead to his ability to take the repairs of many Philips equipment, such as the M3001A MMS Modules and the M3015B anesthesia Modules to the next level. Although he possesses a degree in engineering, along with many advanced certifications, Ali strongly believed that knowledge was the true core of success, which made his work as well as his research on modules, monitors and telemetry units more of a way of life instead of a way to simply generate revenue.

Knowing that any Biomed from USOC’s long list of customers has the ability to call into the well-respected biomedical engineering facility at any time and trouble shoot with a highly trained technician regarding their Intellivue Monitors, or their TRX telemetry units makes it all worth it for Mr. Youssef. The fact that USOC has grown from its original three employees in 2011 to its current magnitude of nearly 80 staff members to date, not only makes it a leader in its field, but an integral part of the progress of today’s economy. Congratulations to Ali and to his family that he refers to as USOC Medical!

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