USOC Medical Sponsors 12th Destination Independence 5K Walk

It’s not only USOC Medical’s passion for the work they do on Patient Monitoring Devices, it is their desire to contribute to the needs of others in our society that truly places them in a league of their own, as they are always asking the question, “what can we give back?”

This year, Blind Children’s Learning Center, an organization whose mission is to; “prepare children with visual impairments for a chance at independence”, had its 12th annual 5K walk called, “Destination Independence”.

USOC Medical and Staff proudly sponsored this important event. As always, USOC Medical continues to integrate their Biomedical Engineering talents into the lives of those who are positively affected by their work and their continued research in the ever changing world of Medicine. Persistently working on Telemetry units that screen the heart, anesthesia modules for surgeries and Patient Probes for monitoring, may one day lead to the possibility of utilizing their engineering abilities on patient equipment such as Telesensory Machines, and Light Probes for the seeing impaired.

Congratulations USOC Medical, once again, for your incredible work!