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Philips X2 M3002A Monitor Option A02C06



M3002A IntelliVue X2 Patient Monitor with Philips Nellcor Oximax SPO2, ECG, NIBP, Temperature and IBP Refurbished. Philips M3002A X2 has 3.5 inch display with touch screen operation. Philips X2 has 3 user configurable waves EASI 12 Lead ECG display, 24 Hrs of Numeric and Graphical Trends. One battery included to provide 3 Hrs of operations. Philips M3002A X2 Module Can connect to M3015A, M3015B, M3012A, M3014A to get extra parameters. This Monitor can connect to Philips MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70,MP90, and MX series Monitor such as MX400, MX450, MX500, MX550, MX700 and Philips MX800 Monitor.
OEM Part Numbers:
X2, M3002A

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Nellcor Oximax SpO2 Patient Cables

Nellcor Oximax SpO2 Finger Probes
407705-006 GE SPO2 DB9 to Hard Shell Short Sensor
P3119A Nellcor Covidien SPO2 Adult Ear Clip
D-YS Nellcor DB9 MultiSite Sensor OEM Compatible

Nellcor Oximax SpO2 Extension Cable
M1943NL Philips SPO2 8-PIN D-Connect to OXIMAX

ECG Patient Cables

ECG Direct-Connect Leadwires
Philips ECG Lead Set Direct-Connect (3 Lead Snap)
Philips 5 Lead ECG Set Direct-Connect Pinch Grabber M1975A OEM Compatible
989803128951 Philips 10 Leadwire ECG Trunk Cable 12 Pins

ECG Trunk Cables
M1669A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Trunk Cable
M1668A Philips 5 Leadwire ECG Trunk 12 Pin 8 ft. Patient Cable
M1663A Philips 10 Leadwire ECG Trunk Cable 7 ft.
M2592A Philips 5 Leadwire ECG Telemetry Snap Cable 3 ft.

ECG Trunk Leadwires
M1669A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Trunk Cable
M1673A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Snap
M1644A Philips 5 leadwire ECG Snap Cable 3 ft.
M2590A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Snap Telemetry 3 ft.
M2591A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Pinch, Grabber 3 ft.
M2593A Philips 5 Leadwire ECG Telemetry Pinch Grabber Cable 3 ft.
M1623A Philips 5 Leadwire ECG Pinch Grabber Cable 3 ft.
M1625A Philips 5 Leadwire ECG Set, AA Style Snap 3 ft. OEM Compatible.
M1605A Philips 3 Leadwire ECG Snap, AA Style 3 ft.

NIBP Patient Accessories

6200-30-09688 Mindray Datascope 8 ft. NIBP Single Hose Male to Female Connector
M1599B Philips NIBP Single Hose Male to Female Metal Connector
M3918A Philips NIBP Single Hose

NIBP Cuffs
Reusable NIBP Cuff, Small Adult, Range 20-28cm

IBP Adapters

IBP Adapters
684081 Philips IBP Adapter Cable (Male 12 pin 13 ft) to BD Connector
650-206 Philips IBP Adapter Cable (Male 12 pin 13 ft) to Utah Connector OEM Compatible.
M1634A Philips IBP Adapter Patient Cable Oem Compa

Temperature Probe Accessories

Temperature Sensors
M21078A Philips (Round, 2 pin 9 ft) Adult Reusable Skin Temperature Sensor
21075A Philips (Round, 2 pin 9 ft) Adult Reusable Rectal Temperature Sensor
21082A Philips (Female Mono Plug to Rectangular, 2 pin 9 Ft) Temperature Probe Adapter
DHP-30-AD0 Philips (Rectangular Plug to Rectangular, 2 pin 9 Ft) Temperature Adapter
DHP-AD0 Philips (Female Mono Plug to Round, 2 pin 1 ft) Temperature Adapter

Module Accessories

Philips Battery and Battery Chargers
Philips M8043A LG1480 4 Slot Battery Charger
Philips X2 M3002A External Power Supply
Philips X2 M3002A Battery
Philips X2 M3002A Battery Charger Adapter

Philips MSL Cable and Wall Mount
Philips MP20 Patient Monitor MSL Link Cable
Philips MP2 M8102A Universal Clamp
Philips MP2 M8102A MS_MP2 CBL

Clinical Applications:

C01 Fully Arrhythmia
C12 12-ECG Leads
C13 ST Map
C15 Network Software
XDS 4-Wave XDS Connectivity
X20 Remote Control

Hardware Add-ons:

E18 Anti-Slip Pad
E19 Carrying Strap
E20 MMS Mount
E23 Protective Cover
E24 1xLithium Ion Battery
E26 2xLithiunm Ion Battery
E27 Power and Network Adapter
E31 Handle


J21 Companion Mode
J35 Intellivue 802.11 Bedside Adapter
J45 Smart Hopping Interface 1.4GHZ
J46 Short Range Radio
J47 Smart Hopping Interface 2.4GHZ

Add-on Options:

C06 IBP and Temperature
C14 Add Respironics CO2 Ready Capability

X2 Software:

Unit With Software E
Unit With Software F
Unit With Software G
Unit With Software H
Unit With Software I
Unit With Software J
Unit With Software K
Unit With Software L
Unit With Software M

Option A02

Option A02C12

Option A02C18

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