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GE 173 Corometrics Fetal Monitor


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GE 173 Corometrics Fetal Monitor Refurbished. This Model 173 Fetal Monitor is used in the monitoring of the fetus throughout labor and delivery. Each monitor has an optional monitoring mode to detect fetal body movements during Labor. This Monitor has a built in 3 Connectors, One is for Toco Transducer, One is for Ultrasound and the third one is used for FECG Legplate Plug. The Model 173 Fetal Monitor provides dual heart rate monitoring using FECG and ultrasound Transducer and Contraction using Toco Transducer.
Transducers are compatible with this monitor:
GE Corometrics 2260 (Toco Transducer)
GE Corometrics 2264 (Toco Knob Transducer)
GE Corometrics 2264 (Toco Wing Transducer)
GE Corometrics 5700 (Ultrasound Knob Transducer)
GE Corometrics 5700 (Ultrasound Wing Transducer)

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