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Philips X2 M3002A Monitor Option A03C12


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M3002A IntelliVue X2 Patient Monitor with Philips Masimo SPO2, 12 leads ECG and NIBP Refurbished. Philips M3002A X2 has 3.5 inch display with touch screen operation. Philips X2 has 3 user configurable waves EASI 12 Lead ECG display, 24 Hrs of Numeric and Graphical Trends. One battery included to provide 3 Hrs of operations. Philips M3002A X2 Module Can connect to M3015A, M3015B, M3012A, M3014A to get extra parameters. This Monitor can connect to Philips MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70,MP90, and MX series Monitor such as MX400, MX450, MX500, MX550, MX700 and Philips MX800 Monitor.
OEM Part Numbers:
X2, M3002A

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