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Philips M1350B Fetal Monitor


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Philips M1350B Fetal monitor Refurbished. This Monitor 50XM has five color- and mechanically-coded input sockets: Cardio for fetal heart rate (FHR) and fetal oxygen saturation SPO2 Cardio for fetal heart rate and Toco for uterine activity NIBP for external blood pressure, SpO2 for maternal pulse oximetry. When fetal transducer is connected, the monitor automatically selects the correct operating mode. Philips. M1350B can Monitor the followings: SpO2 monitor FHR using both direct ECG (DECG) and ultrasound (US) maternal heart rate using ECG, monitor twins using either DECG and ultrasound or dual ultrasound monitor uterine activity (Toco) externally or internally. Recorder Part Number: M1350-67752